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With its perfect location between the north shore of Lake Ontario and Niagra Escarpment, no wonder that Burlington is on the list of the best cities to live in Canada year after year. The city’s history extends way back to the year of 1792 when the first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe named the area Burlington Bay after the town of Burlington in England. The moderate climate and fertile vast lands and location on the lake made the city a perfect place for the early settlers.

About 200 thousand people call Burlington home, with 24% of the population is under 18 years old, the city is perfect for raising a family. With its strong economic base, proximity to industrial areas and the GTA and Hamilton, the city provides many opportunities for professionals and businesses to grow and thrive.

Residents of Burlington have the highest quality of life regarding the moderate temperatures, business and work opportunities, access to the best schools, safety and security and low crime rates, vibrant cultural life with several music festivals and fantastic nature.

Like other major cities in the Halton Region, Burlington attracts many professionals from the GTA because of its proximity and quality of life. This lead to more than 25% increase in the real estate market in the past few years, a jump in the typical price range for first-time home buyers to more than $500,000 and $2,500,000 for luxury homes especially in the neighbourhoods of South-Central Burlington, Downtown and Ancaster.

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For sale $130,000
2455 MOUNTAIN FOREST  DR, burlington, Ontario

2455 Mountain Forest Dr

Burlington, Ontario

1000 sqft
For sale $900,000
682 SUMMERS COMMON, burlington, Ontario

682 Summers Common

Burlington, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $1,999,900
5401 DUCHESS Court, burlington, Ontario

5401 Duchess Court

Burlington, Ontario

4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 2926 sqft
For sale $699,900
702 895 MAPLE Avenue, burlington, Ontario

702 895 Maple Avenue

Burlington, Ontario

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1195 sqft
For sale $699,900
#702 -895 MAPLE AVE, burlington, Ontario

#702 -895 Maple Ave

Burlington, Ontario

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $649,000
#304 -5327 UPPER MIDDLE RD, burlington, Ontario

#304 -5327 Upper Middle Rd

Burlington, Ontario

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom
For sale $2,799,000
1292 RICHMOND Drive, burlington, Ontario

1292 Richmond Drive

Burlington, Ontario

5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 2810
For sale $2,399,000
195 WILTON Street, burlington, Ontario

195 Wilton Street

Burlington, Ontario

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2004 sqft
For sale $879,900
6260 GUELPH Line, burlington, Ontario

6260 Guelph Line

Burlington, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1281
For sale $799,000
759 MAPLE AVE, burlington, Ontario

759 Maple Ave

Burlington, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $2,399,000
195 WILTON ST, burlington, Ontario

195 Wilton St

Burlington, Ontario

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
For sale $829,900
704 5001 Corporate Drive, burlington, Ontario

704 5001 Corporate Drive

Burlington, Ontario

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 837 sqft