Explore Hamilton

Hamilton is one of the Greatest areas in Ontario, Big ,old and Huge diversity could be found there, Due to the incredible increment in Houses Prices one of the Solution for the first home Buyers is to locate in Hamilton as the Houses prices could be affordable and average houses prices do not exceed the 500,000$

I will go through many Neighborhood in Hamilton that were Ranked the best Places to live in Hamilton , the first one is 

  1. Gipson and it is located at the Center with an average home prices of 330,000$ 
  2. Stinson is also the same as Gipson with an average price 330,000$
  3. Normanhurst is located at East of Hamilton and it’s a little bit cheaper with an average price of 310,000$
  4. Corktown is located at Hamilton the Center and Average price of 320,000$
  5. Stoney Greek and Ancastar too.

Also Hamilton Has a great Varity of Conservation Areas and It has a verity of historical Landmarks and Natural conservation Attraction all over places 

Total Population around 537,000 and average houses Prices Around 450,000$.