Finding the right apartment or suite can be overpowering for some potential renters. Routinely the variety of apartments available to these renters is an overwhelming disappointment. Moreover, for real estate agents, the reward is insignificant and does not cover the time, effort and money invested by the agent to help their clients find the best apartment or house to rent. For me, I help my clients find the optimal solution for their residential or commercial needs including supporting them in their hunting for a rental property.

With such an expansive number of choices in the market, it can be challenging to pick and choose. In any case, there are a couple of indications which can help in to find the right option for your needs. The route toward finding the perfect apartment or house can be divided into three elements as follows:


The starting point is to understand how much you can spend on the rent for a consistent period. As a renter, you should consider your month-to-month wages and subtract out the more significant part of your living costs. Month-to-month living costs should include all bills which are frequently paid and the money spent on food, transportation and other expenses that you pay to support yourself and your family.

You may also need to consider subtracting out an additional amount to cover emergencies. The total left after these subtractions is the whole amount you can spend on an apartment or a house for every month.


Once you know how much you can afford, you begin researching the properties which fall inside your spending range. You are likely going to consider properties which are at the start point of the range before considering more expensive options.

Right when at first looking at available properties, you cannot visit each property. Most of the evaluating information can be gotten from resources, for instance, listing websites, daily newspapers and rental magazines. Since assessing is the primary stressor now, the systematic comparison will help you to overlook properties which are too far out of your reach.


Once you shortlist the possible apartments and houses that fit your budget and satisfy your needs, it is time to go and visit the properties.

The comparison depends on different criteria such as rent rates, location, amenities, number of rooms and bathrooms and the neighbourhood. Renters who have gone to different apartments and houses likely have a savvy understanding of the rent rates in a particular area for a specific size apartment or house. You can use this information and also hire a leasing expert to help you cut down and better negotiate the rent agreement terms. However, from experience, there won’t be a considerable drop in the rent.