Explore Cambridge

One of the Nice Area to Live in nowadays is Cambridge and I m one of those Fans of Cambridge I used to work there with many clients for a while and as you know Cambridge was found in 1973 and it belongs to the Waterloo region in addition to kitchen and Waterloo Cities.

The Location is in the middle between Guelph and Kitchener and so close to High way 403 and it was formed through the Amalgamation of Three Cities Galt, Hespeler and Preston 

It has a verity of historical Landmarks and Natural conservation Attraction that makes it charming city!

If you Are Thinking of Moving to Cambridge you need to know that you will enjoy living there , for example you can find 20 Kilometers Trails in Cambridge if you do Like Hiking there such as Pond trail, riverside trails, Parkland trails and that will encourage you to start walking .

Many conservation areas will be there also that you can enjoy swimming , sports, fishing and Canoeing 

In addition to that Butterflies are surrounding Cambridge , thousand and Thousand you can find inside the Butterfly Conservatory .

Farmers Market is also has been taking places there it is open all over the year every Saturday morning and Wednesday too !!

In addition to that a lot of activities could be done there as Art and Craft at the Centre of the Arts, also of you are a fan of theatres you can enjoy the Broadway Musicals at the Dunfield Theatre 

Total Population around 130,000 and average houses Prices Around 450,000$.